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Our process

Emerald will provide an Account manager who shall be responsible for all deliverables to Client. This resource will coordinate between Client single point of contact (SPOC) and Emeralds delivery team. Client’s SPOC will be responsible for deliverable approvals, solution design, and baseline project plans etc. This resource will involve other Client resources or other external sourcing providers as required. This resource will be responsible for regular project reviews, tracking and monitoring with the project manager at EMERALD. Note: EMERALD will revisit the scope of the project when all required information is available. If there is any variation in scope from that stated in this document, EMERALD will revise time and cost estimates for this project. Our Design Approach: The primary foundation for the development of creative design shall be our in-depth understanding about the client background and requirement with respect to the subject matter content. During the requirement analysis phase our technical team will map the critical to Quality (CTQ) parameters for the project. Based on the in-depth understanding of the CTQs we will lay down the entire project plan with respect to desired interactivity levels, type of content and other style guidelines. Content Development cycle: At Emerald we follow an iterative development process cycle (IDPC) has the following steps.